Cover Letter

April 30, 2013

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a highly skilled administrative professional with a strong background in information technology. I am well-versed in computer management with a specialization in the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and Microsoft Office applications. I have had extensive experience with a broad range of professional positions and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to your organization’s arrangement.

Accustomed to fast-paced environments and handling multiple projects, I enjoy challenges and will work hard to achieve success. I am the right person for the position, if you are seeking a productive and qualified individual who looks at the challenges before them as an opportunity to learn.

Enclosed is my resume, for your review, which highlights some of my strengths and achievements. This includes:

  • Vocational training in computer technology, with hands-on experience in a multi-computer lab setting.
  • Well-developed communication and peer-relations skills.
  • Ability to work independently or with a team.

My skills and practical knowledge are well suited to the goals of your organization. I would appreciate an interview to discuss how my skills and abilities could assist you. You may contact me directly at any time to discuss opportunities. Thank you for your consideration.


Jennifer A. Tate

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate